Our turf and sod choices are recognized to be of the highest quality in Edmotnon and will provide your yard with a great foundation. Whether you prefer the lush comfort of natural sod or the ease and convenience of artificial turf, the Tropical Elements team promises incredible results that suit your needs as well as your budget.

Why Choose Sod

Sod installation will instantly transform your yard and it has many advantages over seeding. Though the cost may be significantly more than spreading seed to set a new lawn, laying sod lets you avoid the long wait for the seeds to germinate and grow. Seed also requires much more care and maintenance. You have to avoid using your yard during the growth stage and it remains vulnerable to rodents, birds, drainage issues and more. After all that care, you may be left with ugly bare patches that are difficult to fill in. Sod can be laid in just one day and can be enjoyed in just a few hours. Furthermore, homeowners can order sod installation any time of year.

Why Choose Artificial Turf

If you’re like us, you are becoming increasingly conscientious about your impact on the environment around you. With water resources becoming more and more precious in Edmotnon, as well as the rest of the country, conservation is becoming an increasing concern for the average homeowner. The trend of replacing water-thirsty grass with artificial turf is helping many homeowners save money while supporting more environmentally friendly practices.

Made from high-quality materials, today’s artificial turf adds the attractive allure of lush, green grass to both neighborhood homes and commercial properties alike. Installed in just hours, artificial grass lets you enjoy the look and beauty of grass without the maintenance and upkeep. Plus, it can stand up to pets, children, and practically any activity you can put it through.